Bridlington Town Council

Bridlington Town Council, 2a Marshall Avenue, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 2DS

Welcome to the official website of the Bridlington Town Council.

We have moved to 2A Marshall Avenue, Bridlington, YO15 2DS.

This website has been designed to provide a valuable source of information to all Bridlington residents, as well news about happenings within the Town Council and the wider Bridlington community.

The Winners of the Mayor of Bridlingtons Christmas Card Competition and the Retail Window Display Competition have been announced and presented. Click here to see the Card Winners and here for the Retail Window Displays.

The Newly Elected Mayor & Mayoress of Bridlington for 2021-2022 is Councillor Liam Dealtry and his Mayoress, Mrs Michelle Dealtry.

Please note that we are not located in Bridlington Town Hall; the Council in the Town Hall is the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Please click here for a list of the services they provide, or call 01482 393939 for more information.


2019 - 2023

Back Row (Left to Right): Cllr Glenn Holmes (Ind), Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens (Lib Dem), Cllr Andy Walker (Yorkshire Party), Cllr Shaun Marsburg (Ind), Cllr Cyril Marsburg (Con), Cllr Tim Norman (Yorkshire Party) & Cllr Mike Dixon (Lab)

Front Row (Left to Right): Cllr Malcolm Milns (Con), Cllr Thelma Milns (Ind), Cllr Liam Dealtry (Ind), Cllr Jackie Foster (Yorkshire Party) & Cllr Shelagh Finlay (Ind)


The Bridlington Town Council are introducing monthly surgeries for people to be able to drop in and seek guidance or help.  Please note: We have suspended the Councillor Surgery until further notice.

The Town Council is very happy to announce that


For more information about our purchase, please follow the link.  

Bridlington Town Councillors

North Ward

Cllr Mike Heslop-Mullens
Cllr Glenn Holmes
Cllr Cyril Marsburg
Cllr Shaun Marsburg

South Ward

Cllr Shelagh Finlay
Cllr Thelma Milns
Cllr Tim Norman
Cllr Andy Walker

Old Town Ward

Cllr Liam Dealtry
Cllr Mike Dixon
Cllr Jackie Foster
Cllr Malcolm Milns

For more information, visit the Your Councillors page.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Services

We often receive visits and phone calls regarding matters we are unfortunately unable to provide help with. This is because a number of local services, including benefits, housing, refuse, and more are dealt with by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. Please click here to see a list of services the East Riding of Yorkshire Council provides, as well as contact information for each department.