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Council Meetings

Parish Meeting - Notification

Full Council

Next meeting agenda: Wednesday 20th February 2019
Chair: Councillor Colin Croft (Mayor)
Vice chair: Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens (Deputy Mayor)
Members: All Councillors are members of this committee

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Finance and General Purposes Committee

Next meeting agenda: Tuesday 8th January 2019
Chair: Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens
Vice chair: Councillor Shelagh Finlay
Members: Councillors T Dixon, S Finlay, J Foster, M Heslop-Mullens, G Holmes, C Marsburg, T Milns

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Newsletter Committee

Next meeting agenda: Tuesday 29th January 2019
Chair: Councillor Shelagh Finlay
Vice chair: Councillor Jackie Foster
Members: Councillors B Croft, C Croft, S Finlay, J Foster, C Marsburg

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Planning and Environmental Committee

Next meeting agenda: Monday 18th February 2019
Chair: Councillor G Holmes
Vice chair: Councillor T Dixon
Members: Councillors C Croft, T Dixon, J Foster, G Holmes, C Marsburg, M Milns, T Milns

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Staffing Committee

Next meeting agenda: to be determined
Chair: to be determined
Vice chair: to be determined
Members: Councillors S Finlay, M Heslop-Mullens, G Holmes, C Marsburg, M Milns

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Appeals Committee

Members: Councillors B Croft, J Foster

Contract Committee

Next meeting agenda: Tuesday 12th February 2019
Chair: Councillor Cyril Marsburg
Vice chair: Councillor Glenn Holmes
Members: Councillors C Croft, S Finlay, M Heslop-Mullens, G Holmes, C Marsburg, T Milns

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