Bridlington Town Council

Bridlington Town Council, 2a Marshall Avenue, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 2DS

Allotments Information in the Bridlington Area

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The Bridlington Town Council only has one allotment, Ducky Dyke, that is managed by an allotment society and the new trustees signed the Lease in June 2022.  

Ducky Dyke (Harewood Avenue/Ripley Close) Allotment
Bridlington Town Council allotment that is managed by an allotment society. Enquiries to the Secretary Mr Scott Hansen Tel: 07720903483 and Email: Chairman is Mr Alan Whittingham.

Queensgate Allotment
East Riding of Yorkshire Council managed allotment (forms to apply for this allotment can be obtained from the ERYC Town Hall in Bridlington or online via ERYC website

Queensgate Allotment Society (QAS)
Community Plots that people share to grow produce and is managed by the society. Enquiries for a community plot at Queensgate can be by email: or Tel: 01262 672711 or website:

Mill Lane Allotment Association
Enquiries to Secretary Susan Hutchinson, Tel: 07449887118
and Email:

Sewerby Road Allotment Association
Enquiries to Mr Tony Sivertsen, Tel: 01262 409746, Email:

Jubilee Avenue Allotment Association
Contact details are Chairman Mr David Preston & Secretary, Mrs Dawn Preston, Email  Tel: 07805036993.

Applegarth Lane Allotment Association
Not known at this time.

Hilderthorpe Allotment Society – Bessingby Gate
Enquiries to Jeanette Bolton, Tel: 07710 166614.  Some Disability accessible plots are available.

Hilderthorpe Allotment Society - Matson Road Site
 (site off Allotment Walk, Enterprise Way) Enquiries to Sue Gollop Tel: 01262 601909 or mobile: 07577700042, email:

Verified all bar one and updated June 2022