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Allotments in the Bridlington Area

Provided on the official Bridlington Town Council website and updated 09.04.18

If you wish for the Council to update, remove or add any details, please contact

• Bridlington Town Council allotment is leased to an allotment society and is commonly known as Ducky Dyke (Harewood Avenue/Ripley Close Allotment) Contacts are: Mr William Elvidge Woodedge Main Street Boynton YO16 4XJ – 601402 and Mr James Redhead (Jim) 7 Ripley Close Bridlington – 678523)

• Havelock Place & Queensgate Square is the only East Riding of Yorkshire Council managed allotment (forms to apply for this allotment can be obtained from the Customer Services Section in the Town Hall in Bridlington or online via East Riding of Yorkshire Councils website).

• Mill Lane Allotment Association Secretary Mr Richard Primmer, Tel: 07784 179984

• Sewerby Road Allotment Association Contact Details - Mr Tony Sivertsen,  Tel: 01262 409746 and Email

• Jubilee Avenue Allotment Association, Chairman Mr Richard Barrow, Secretary & Treasurer Mrs Carole Barrow. Email: Secretary – Chairman Secretary mobile number 07456565924.

• Applegarth Lane Allotment Association Secretary Mr Derick Freeman, Tel: 01262 602519.

• Hilderthorpe Allotment Society (site at Bessingby Gate)
Chairman of Hilderthorpe Allotments is Mr Anthony Mullins and the Secretary is Mr Eric Williams email:

**There are currently 15 available allotments - if interested please contact Mr David Hulme - 07835 485984

Hilderthorpe Allotment Society-Matson Road Site (site off Allotment Walk, Enterprise Way)

Key contact: Sue Gollop Tel: 01262 601909 or mobile: 07577700042,


**There are currently 20 available allotments - if interested please call Sue Gollop on contact number above