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Bridlington Business in Bloom 2016

Bridlington in Bloom winners with the Councillors at the September Full Council meeting Presentations

Bridlington Town Council is happy to have presented this year's Bridlington Business in Bloom competition at the full council meeting in September, which is the annual competition to reward a business in Bridlington that shows exceptional dedication to display floral enhancements to their business premises.

First Place 2016 winners are Marshall Lodge Guest House and Angela and Ian Thompson.  Second Place was Alexandra Complex and E Halliday attended to pick up the prize.  Third place was Grantlea Guest House and Mr and Mrs Odey attended to pick up their prize.

By running this award, the Town Council hopes that it encourages the businesses in the town to make their premises look lovely, which will have a positive knock-on effect for visitors to the town.

Marshall Lodge were awarded with an engraved cup and a Bridlington Town Council plaque. The plaque will be retained as a memento of their success and the cup will be returned to be presented to the winner of the next year's competition.

First Place Winners Marshall Lodge - Angela & Ian Thompson with the Mayor of Bridlington Councillor Liam Dealtry 
First Place Winners Marshall Lodge Guest House

Second Place Winners - Alexandra Complex - E Halliday picked up award                                 Third Place Winners - Grantlea Guest House - Mr and Mrs Odey with the Mayor of Bridlington Councillor Liam Dealtry

                 Second Place Winners                                                    Third Place Winners
                     Alexandra Complex                                                    Grantlea Guest House