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Gasworx celebrated its fifth birthday with a Skate Jam funded by the Sir James Reckitt Charity.

Kay Wardle, Skate Park Coordinator, said: "The Skate Jam allowed the broader community to see the park users for what they really are: passionate, dedicated athletes that voluntarily seek out physical recreation. The general feeling amongst the users is that they realise that being able to skate and ride the Gasworx for free is a privilege, so they were happy to volunteer to make the event possible. Thanks also to the Bridlington Town Council, Andy Hire and the Gasworx neighbours for their continued support."

External funding, through a Positive Activities Grant, has also been secured to set up a Gasworx team. This will be made up of mature park users who volunteer a few hours a week to monitor the Skate Park as park users have a tendency to respect the supervision of fellow riders more so than someone from outside.

Andrew Wigglesworth

Bike prizes

Billy Steinman

Chris Cassell

High bike

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Jae Dezzer

Jase Smiling

Josh Mainprize

Matty Coates




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Spyke Nixon