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East Riding Yorkshire Council CORONAVIRUS LINE 01482 393919 – The contact centre is open from 9.00am until 9.00pm Monday to Friday and from 9.00am until 6.00pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

An email address is also available for those who wish to contact them electronically

The aim of the HUB is to provide extra help and support for those residents who really need support with their daily living and who don’t have carers, family, friends, neighbours or local community groups available to help. The contact centre is not for emergencies or for those vulnerable residents who are in our adult care system. The people we want to help through this service are those who may be in self-isolation and need medicines or essential food collecting, pets that need walking or are maybe feeling lonely and would like to be able to chat with someone and the dedicated befriending line CallER Collective is 01482 215929

BRIDLINGTON TOWN COUNCIL – for this list 01262 409006 - If you know of someone who has no access to the internet and would really benefit from getting a copy of this list delivered to them please call the Bridlington Town Council as they can arrange delivery by a local councillor.

You can also volunteer to help by registering on the BEECAN website – just search for and complete the form

Please reach out if you need help and we are all in this together.

Take care and remember, the community of Bridlington is here to help!

This list has been kindly created and updated by Kimberley & Martin Thomas with additions and distributed by the Bridlington Town Council. Any queries contact 01262 409006.



Unfortunately some people are taking advantage of the current lockdown situation to not pick up their dog mess - the rules haven't changed if your dog fouls you pick it up or be fined. Report incidents to the ERYC by simply paying attention to details so that you can relay the information so that they can be issued with a fixed penalty notice. Descriptions of the person, where they live and the dog can ensure that they are reprimanded. Report them here.


ERYC are seeing a rise in Fly tipping and wished to share the following regarding - you can report it via the link:

Fly-tippers may be taking advantage of the present tip closures - so please be careful who you give your waste to.
Always follow the SCRAP Code to check the person is genuine - and won't just dump your waste by the roadside.
Residents are being asked to keep at home any waste they would normally take to a recycling site until the coronavirus lockdown is over.
The ERYC will continue to investigate all fly-tipping incidents and residents are asked to continue reporting them to the ERYC here.

BEECAN - Volunteer Groups and Community Hubs

Useful information from local groups and organisations throughout the East Riding - click here to find out more.

HighFiver Grants - Beecan are offering grants for upto £500 for specific groups to help with the Coronavirus pandemic. click here to find out more.