Bridlington Town Council

Bridlington Town Council, 2a Marshall Avenue, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 2DS

Coat of Arms

Granted by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II
Fifth day of November, 2001

Bridlington Coat of Arms

Heraldic Description

Per Sable and Argent three Gothic Capital letters B counterchanged on a Chief embattled of the second two Barrulets wavy Azure and for the Crest Issuant from a Coronet composed of eight Roses set upon a rim of a Sun rising Gules


Signum (Symbol of)
Salutis (Health, prosperity, safety or wellbeing)
Semper (Always)

A coined phrase for alliteration purposes and strictly speaking considered to be out of context.


Always the bearer or bringer of greetings and salutations and good health; the sign of safety or good health always.


The Town Council was awarded this armorial bearing by the Monarch and no other person or body can use the arms.