Bridlington Town Council

Bridlington Town Council, 2a Marshall Avenue, Bridlington, East Yorkshire, YO15 2DS

Bridlington Mayor's Cadet 


The Bridlington Town Council are waiting to announce the Mayors Cadet 2022-2023 

About the Bridlington Mayor's Cadet

2020-21 - Bridlington School Combined Cadet Force (continued)
2021-22 - Bridlington Sea Cadets
2022-23 - Humberside & South Yorkshire Army Cadet Force Bridlington Detachment
2023-24 - 252 Squadron Bridlington Royal Air Training Corps

2024-25 - Bridlington School Combined Cadet Force


A senior cadet from the individual groups will be chosen by their Detachment or Squadron to have the honour of becoming the Mayor's Cadet for the year. They will be presented at the annual mayor-making meeting with a coloured sash relevant to their force and a Mayor's Cadet medal for the year. These will be returned to be presented to the new Mayor's Cadet for the following year at the annual mayor-making meeting. The Mayor's Cadet Force act as Guards of Honour and take lead in Remembrance passing the wreath to the Mayor. Their duty as Mayor's Cadet means they will be required to attend relevant civic events (such as flag-raising).